Sorry Candle

I'm Sorry Candle

  • This poem has two versions.  Print either the poem for husband and wife or the poem for best friend couples.  Trim by tearing edges.
  • Hopefully this candle will not get much use, so you can have the poem color photocopied (so that it won't smear) and then decoupage it to a pillar candle.  Or tie the poem with ribbon to any sort of candle.
  • Optional:  Make or buy a nice candle ring of roses and baby breath to go around it.  


I'm Sorry Candle
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You know you're
the light of my life,
That's why we became
husband and wife.

But sometimes on a tangent
one of us will go,
And afterwards it is important
to let our love show.

Then it's time to say, "I'm sorry"
and put aside the woe. . .
To light this special candle
and let our love glow!