Leap of Faith Frog (Fabric)

Leap of Faith Froggy
Submitted by Fay White

Sometimes you just need a little reminder than you can do it
and take that leap of faith in stride!  Put this cute guy on your
computer, in your car or wherever you can see him as a reminder!
Print pattern here.

Two pieces 16" x 10" (40cm x 25cm) fabric
Approximately 1 lb. (500gr.) birdseed
1 pair 16mm plastic frog eyes
  • Note: Pattern may print different sizes on different printers and may be enlarged or shrunk as desired.
  • Cut out pattern and join Section A to Section B.  Place on fold of stiff paper and cut out to make a full-sized pattern.
  • Put right sides of the two pieces of fabric together and place pattern on wrong side.  Trace with chalk or marker.  DO NOT CUT OUT.
  • Use a small stitch to sew around chalk line twice, leaving an opening for filling.  Trim seams to approximately 5mm or 1/4".  Clip curves. Turn to right side and press.
  • Glue or attach eyes.
  • Fill with birdseed.
  • Hand sew opening closed.
  • Add poem if desired.

If you don't sew, check out our fun foam froggie.