Jesus Tears

Jesus Tears Icicle
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  • Slide a teardrop crystal onto a 12” (or shorter) piece of 18 gauge artistic silver wire.
  • Twist a small curl in the end with needle nose pliers.
  • Slide a rondelle or round crystal bead onto the wire, kinking the wire a little so that the beads line up.
  • Continue with different kinds of beads until you get the look you want.
  • Remember every icicle is different!
  • Bend and curl the wire at top as shown and trim any excess wire.
  • Add a metallic bow if desired.
  • Frosted beads and colorful beads also make pretty icicles. Make long ones and shorter ones.
  • Hang in a sunny window or near lights on a Christmas tree to watch the love glisten through!

Pictured icicle was threaded as follows: Teardrop, rondelle, spaghetti, 4 mm round, 8 mm round, tri-bead, 10 mm round, rondelle, 6 mm round, 10 mm round, 4 mm round, rondelle, 10 mm round, tri-bead, 12 mm round, rondelle, 6 mm round, 8 mm round and rondelle on 11 inches of wire.