Joke Jar & Jokes

Print jokes on pastel or pretty paper (if available).  Cut apart, fold and put in a jar. Decorate jar as desired and add poem.  You may need to tape those that transcend across pages.

These jokes were collected from a joke board that people posted to on my previous CraftMall-Web site.  Please note that some may not be "politically correct" and you should cut and paste those of your choice before printing!  Each page actually has 9 to 10 printed pages. Hope you enjoy most.  

Misc. Jokes Page 1
Misc. Jokes Page 2
Misc. Jokes Page 3
Misc. Jokes Page 4

Please send me YOUR jokes too!  Thanks

Joke Jar
© 2001 by Shirley Thomas

When things seem a mess
And days are filled with stress,
Remember, a joke a day
Keeps the doctor away!

Add mini Snickers candy bars with the next poem.

Joke Jar
© 2001 by Shirley Thomas

I hope you'll enjoy
these jokes, gags & ticklers,
but in case you don't
I added extra Snickers!

I didn't write this one, just added the p.s.

Joke Jar

Even though we argue and fight
To prove that I love you,
The next time that we argue
I'll pretend that you're right.

P.S. And if you believe it,
have another joke!

Gender specific:

Joke Jar
© 2001 by Shirley Thomas

You may love her dearly
But sometimes she is a nag.
This jar will even out the score
and get her back with a gag.


Joke Jar
© 2001 by Shirley Thomas

The next time
he calls you a hag,
show him precisely
with a good gag!

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