Duct Tape Tie

© 2002 Shirley Thomas 
  • Tear a piece of tin foil approx. 19" long, perhaps a little longer for someone really tall.  Fold the edges back at an angle and then fold the tip into a pointed tie shape as shown in Pic A. 
  • Cover the tie with duct tape as you wish.  For the striped pattern as shown in Pic D, cover front of tie with strips of duct tape at an angle, turning ends to back.  Overlap and add next stripe with a contrasting color. Silver and black was used for this tie.  Finish covering the front. 
  • Turn over and run a couple of strips of duct tape down the back to make it neater.  Roll the top sides back a little so that the top looks gathered and wrap duct tape around it. See Pic B.
  • Tear a piece of tin foil about 24" long and fold it lengthwise until it is about 1 1/2" wide. Cover it with long strips of duct tape, both front and back. 
  •  Make a loop in the center of the strip for a tie knot. See Pic C.  Hold it in place on the top of tie with paperclips. Flatten the knot a little bit.  When you have it like you want, glue the knot in place where the paperclips are, but put the paperclips back on for re-enforcement.  After all it is a duct tape tie! lol
  • Glue Velcro to ends for wearing. 
  • If desired a long traditional tie could be made with same method.


A) Tin Foil Pattern

B) Back of Tie

C) Tie Knot

D) Finished Tie