Dammit Dolls (Sports, Fishing, Computer)

Cut: Cut out pattern from fabric pertaining to the theme, leaving 1/4" seam allowance around it. (I didn't have room on printable area for this!)

Sew: With right sides together, sew 1/4" seam leaving an opening at side or top of head to turn. Clip neck, arm pits and crotch. Turn doll.

Stuff: Stuff with polyester fiberfill. Whipstitch opening shut.

Hair: Wind rug yarn several times around four fingers (or about 3" of cardboard). Slide off, tie and knot around the center with a short piece of rug yarn. Make about five of these loopy bundles. With matching thread, hand stitch them securely along the top head seam of doll.

Face: Cut two ovals for face from solid fabric. (Use oval on pattern.) Sew them together with 1/8" seam. Do not turn unless fabric tends to ravel bad. Glue oval to face. Glue large wiggly eyes to face. Draw a squiggly line for mouth using a black Sharpie pen.

Finishing: Add a bow to neck. Print poems here.

Tip: Use washable glue so that you can wash when needed! Instead of turning, cut out with pinking sheers and sew wrong sides together...you could possibly even glue this way. Or if you don't sew, buy a muslin finished doll and just add poem.

Poems: Add a poem.


Clip Art Credit: http://www.iband.com/clipart_sillyart/zsillyart_animal.html (fish)