Canned Southern Sunshine

My first Christmas as a new bride was spent in Key West, Florida.  While we roasted in the heat, northern relatives froze, so we sent them a can of Florida sunshine.  It was commercially produced, just an empty can with a yellow "Sunshine" label and had a hook on it to hang on the Christmas tree.  It was a litle gaudy but it brought laughs.  Here's my version...

  • Open a soup can with a safety can opener that removes the top entirely with no sharp edges.  Remove the label and clean the can out. 

  • Fill the can with lemon drops.  It is probably a good idea to first put the lemon drops in a plastic bag for protection from any glue. 

  • Carefully glue the top back onto the can.  Be careful in case the opener left any sharp places.

  • Trim across the top and bottom of the below label.  Fold the top and bottom each down about 3/8" or whatever is necessary to fit the can. 

  • Wrap label around the can and glue down along the back seam.

Hope you enjoy... especially when your friends ponder how you got the "sunshine" into the can!

Print label 2-up here.

My DH didn't quite get the lemon drops and "pucker" part so the below link is to labels for an empty can with only the sunshine packed inside.

Print 2-up here - for can without lemon drops