Sock Long Johns

This was in a newsletter I had written back in January of 1999 for CraftMallUsa.  I think I bought them at a craft show.  I try not to use Author Unknown poems anymore, but apparently back then I did.  Does anyone know this author?!?!?  Thanks.

Sock Long Johns:  These only use two pairs of men's white long "crew top" socks and five buttons.  Look at the picture of front.  The front is one pair of socks sewn together side by side.  Begin about one inch from the "crew top" (legs) and hand stitch together using a hidden stitch.  Stop stitching about 1" from other end (neckline).  Look at the picture of back and lay other pair side by side on top of front pair, about 1-1/2" up from the split.  The toes become the cheeks!  Fold the top of the socks over at an angle to become the arms as shown in picture.  Sew together down the sides, around the toes (cheeks) and up the middle back.  Sew three buttons down the front and two on the back "cheek flaps" as shown.  Attach the following poem.

To Keep You Warm!

I bought you these long johns,
Was sure that they would fit.
I threw them in the washer,
Found out they shrunk a bit.

So if you snip off all the buttons
And pull out all the stitches,
You'll gain two pair of warm socks,
But lose your pair of long britches!