Angel Dirt

  • Fill jar almost half full of cheap potting soil.  Add a small layer of perlite (about an inch in a quart jar). Fill almost to top with peat moss. Sprinkle in some fertilizer.  Use an all purpose fertilizer and don't add much since you don't know what will be planted in it!
  • You can use any size jars... canning jars or recycle clean used jars from your mayonnaise, mustard, etc. This would make a nice children's project using baby food jars to give as gifts.
  • Attach poem by punching hole in corner and attaching with ribbon or run it thru a Xyron machine and stick on jar or cover with clear contact paper.
  • Cover top of jar with a circle of fabric.  Hold it on with a rubber band and cover rubber band with a ribbon and bow.  If desired attach a packet of seeds.
  • Hint:  Use cheap potting soil that does not have a lot of perlite already mixed in.
  • P.S. The directions are how I would do my concoction, but if you are a gardener I'm sure you can come up with your own!



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