Brrr Snowman Tutorial

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Brrr Snowman Tutorial

Postby crafterwannabe » Sat Aug 01, 2015 6:09 pm

Date Posted: 20:00:39 11/28/14 Fri
Author: Sherron
Subject: Brrr Snowman Tutorial

Could someone please post the translation? Thanks! :)

[> Re: Brrr Snowman Tutorial -- Connie Kru, 00:17:09 11/29/14 Sat [1]

Translate the pattern on the fabric (for body and hands the author has used fleece). Mittens and hats to fit any jersey. Sew hands on marks, cut and ground smooth lines makes an incision.

Before you sew parts of the body have to embroider a snowman face and his famous «Brrr ...». To do this, put this delicately Brrr ... and note the eyes, eyebrows and mouth on the face. The authors used embroidery thread floss and stitch "back needle"

Sew hats and mittens parts together, gut-wrenching. Also make the notch in places smooth lines.

Sew the body of a snowman. Fill with synthetic padding body and handle snowman previously unscrewing. It is necessary to ensure that the shoulders were snowman loosely packed, it is necessary in order to better hand bend and we take the necessary form. At the bottom of the body gather the edges with a needle and thread and sew by hand bottom.

The handles stretch the mittens and sew to the hands, wrapped inside edge. Sew be hidden seam.

Hat and sew to head hidden seam

Sew the handle to the body, too, hidden seam. Then add up the handle and fix that's the way.

Cut the fabric of the same color as the hat and mittens patch, pull a few threads on all sides patches

Sew a patch uneven stitches to a snowman.

Left to do nose. For the work we find useful:

Paint (you can use nail polish, if there is an orange);


Shelf for sushi;


Take the stick, sharpen it and treat sandpaper

Then take paint and paint in orange. Better to paint more than once that the color was saturated.

Cropped wand we desired length

And bonded using a glue gun (base of the nose can also be treated with sandpaper in order to get a better bond with the fabric)

Here Snowman and ready !!!!

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