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prayer link page

Postby Caboobie » Sat Jan 08, 2005 5:53 pm

Prayer page link
Date Posted: 01:50:20 12/28/04 Tue
Author: jacksmum
Subject: prayer page update

I finally updated my website and there is lots of room on the prayer request page.

If you'd like anything added just put it here or email me.
Here's a link to the page:

Voy Friends ... riends.htm


[> Re: prayer page update -- p31iwish, 01:52:03 12/28/04 Tue [1]

OH,I didn't know we had a prayer page! What a great idea.

[> Re: prayer page update -- KrafteeKaren, 05:51:07 12/28/04 Tue [1]

Thanks Sue for letting everyone know about your Prayer Page. This was such a comfort to us when we lost my Mom in August of last year. I know that the ladies appreciate all of your hard work involved in doing this, I know I do.

[> Re: prayer page update -- Fay in Australia, 14:55:18 12/28/04 Tue [1]

Thank you for including my poem.
One that I wrote after my mother died was "It's The Little Things Everyday" I would think that I was coping & then the little things would catch me.
(This may already be archived, as I may have posted it before)

Reaching for melting Moments,
favourites of someone before.
Set the extra place at the table,
Was that their voice at the door?

A sunset in all its beauty,
Tugs at the heartstrings now.
The radio playing “their song” –
You have to cope somehow!

Sad memories of a parent,
Or maybe a partner lost,
Who loved the Autumn leaves,
As on the wind they tossed.

The back of a head in a crowd
Reflections where puddles lay.
A faraway voice in the breeze,
It’s the little things –
…..every day.
ãFay White
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