Dee's Picture Instructions (links) - Ivy Bowl Penquin

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Dee's Picture Instructions (links) - Ivy Bowl Penquin

Postby crafterwannabe » Wed Jan 19, 2005 3:01 am

Date Posted: 20:37:43 01/10/05 Mon
Author: dee

Subject: let see if i get this right

Finished Unlighted Ivy Bowl Penquin ... 0_0243.jpg

Finished Lighted Penquin ... 0_0247.jpg

This is why I was asking about the glue. What's holding the light in is a plastic canvas circle. The light is one of those lights you put in the houses that go under the christmas tree..The face is one of those ivy bowls.
Thanks for all the help with how to post pictures..Now i hope this works.

[> Re: let see if i get this right -- Janice T., 20:59:06 01/10/05 Mon [1]

Hi Dee - I know that I missed seeing please forgive me for asking about this cutie...What do you call these and I know...I feel like a big dummy tonight...but what is an ivy bowl? Would love to know how to make one:>)
(not an ivy bowl):>)
Janice T.

[> Re: let see if i get this right -- dejeju(deb), 21:43:24 01/10/05 Mon [1]

Oh My Gosh Dee, He is the cutest thing! Such a great job! Now if I could paint...I'd give it a try! But I can't paint! If you want to share the pattern, that would be great! Or if your selling them... Oh well, again, way to cute!

[> Re: let see if i get this right -- Dee, 21:46:04 01/10/05 Mon [1]

Archiver's Note: Some pictures were removed from Dee's Photobucket album so the links were deleted.

Picture - Glass Ivy Bowl

Penquin Upside Down

Dee's Ivy Bowl Snowman

hope this helped

[> Re: let see if i get this right -- Candy, 01:08:29 01/11/05 Tue [1]

My sister just gave me several of these jars. Could you do another picture of the way the plastic canvas and lights go on? Your little fellow is just too cute!

[> Re: let see if i get this right -- dee, 13:37:48 01/11/05 Tue [1]

No I'm not selling them..Just giving as gifts.I showed my mother in law how to make them and she sold some..I don't really have a pattern.The snowman is easier to paint.
You just use a sponge to paint the white paint on. You could free hand the face or pencil them on first..The paint I use is a glass paint you can bake.Its by folk art
(It is a enamel)

This is the plastic canvas circle 4" ... 0_0002.jpg

this one has the first three rings cut off ... 0_0003.jpg

this is it with the three middle ring cut out..For the light. ... 0_0004.jpg

unglued ... 0_0005.jpg

glued in ... 0_0001.jpg

this is the light I used
Link deleted since it was removed from Photobucket album.

I hope this helps..
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