Grandma's Posie (yo yo's) from Jazbo

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Grandma's Posie (yo yo's) from Jazbo

Postby shirleyt » Thu Feb 26, 2004 4:11 am

Grandma's Posie... more of Jazbo's wonderful yo yo's!! ... aposie.jpg

From Jazbo...
Instructions - as best as I can remember:

1. Fold a circle in half & make a pinched crease only in the center of it.
2. Take one edge, & fold it to this pinch mark. Press or finger press.
3. Take another part of the edge & fold it to the center; press or finger press.
4. Continue around till you have 6 'flaps'.
5. Tack them in the center with several small stitches & cover with a button sewn over them.

Then I just sew a 'ladder' stitch which is a blind stitch. First I sew all the flaps to the center hexagon. Then I sew the 'petals' to each other.

That's basically it; just play around with a couple of circles, folding till they come out even, & you get the hang of it.
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