Icicle Angel by Deborah the Bzybee

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Icicle Angel by Deborah the Bzybee

Postby shirleyt » Fri Jan 16, 2004 3:10 am

Deborah's ornament was in the 2003 Christmas Swap #7 as a hostess gift. Someone asked for instructions and she posted them on our regular board. I cut and pasted them here so they don't get lost! Thanks Deborah!

http://www.craftsayings.com/projects/ho ... gel18h.jpg

Hi there! I just took inexpensive icicles I bought at big lots--I think 4-6 in a package. Using a piece of lace that is about 1 1/2 inches wide and about 12 inches (More or less depending on the fullness desired) I had stitch this and stitch the ends together and then gatther the top of the lace. Glue this on the top of the icicle. I then glued a head ball with the large hole in the bottom on top of the lace. Try to fit the hole in the head into the icicle. Arranging the lace so it does not get caught in the head. Then I took loopy hair and looped it around 3 of my fingers 4 or so times. I tied it in the center and glued that at the top of the head. Use a needle threaded I make a stitch with the thread through the middle of the hair (where it is tied off) and bring the edges of the thread up and knot both sides together to make the hanger to hang on the tree. Use a q tip and make cheeks with blush (I use a face blush I bought at the dollar store) Using a fine tip sharpie marker make 2 eyes and a big smile using the picture to copy. I use wire edge ribbon and tie in to a bow and glue to the back of the angel for wings!
Clear as mud?????
Hope this helps!
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