Raccoon from Thistle Burr - Ornie

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Raccoon from Thistle Burr - Ornie

Postby shirleyt » Sun Feb 01, 2004 5:31 pm

Donna C/OH posted these directions on our voy board. Donna sent this cute little raccoon in the 2003 Christmas Swap Group #4. He is adorable!

http://www.craftsayings.com/projects/ho ... accoon.jpg

You will need 1 milkweed pod, dried and empty, for each ornament. You will also need 1 thistle burr. They grow along the roads here in Ohio. It also needs to be dried. They are usually ready to go by November. You can save them for later, too. (I have some stored in my craft room from last fall.) Remember to WEAR GLOVES when messing with the burrs. They get stuck in your fingers and hurt for days! Hold the top of the burr with pliers. Cut off stem about 1/2 to 3/4 inch from bottom of burr. This will be the raccoon nose. Using another pair of pliers, pull the long petal-like projections from the bottom of the burr down the stem that's left. Cut the burr into about a 1 inch long piece. Keep the nose section and discard the rest. Carefully trim the burr around the sides. The burr sticker things look odd if not trimmed. Using black paint on a brush, run the brush a couple times over the ends of the trimmed burr. This makes the raccoon's fur have "highlights". Paint a line across the top of the nose eye band). Glue 2 black 'e-beads'(Walmart) on for eyes and glue 2 sunflower seeds in the top of the burr for ears. Glue burr into pod and arrange dried florals etc. around top and bottom. Thread needle with gold thread and run needle through top of pod (side to side) to make a hanger. Enjoy!

Thanks Donna!
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