Choc chip cookie pin

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Choc chip cookie pin

Postby Caboobie » Sun May 21, 2006 9:31 pm

Date Posted: 11:19:56 05/11/06 Thu
Author: j
Subject: New pattern! Wool chocolate chip cookie

Every so often, I get in a creative mood. Lately, I have been working with wool fabric scraps, saved from pants, suits, skirts, etc.

These are pretty easy. Cut a 3" circle from a tan scrap of wool. Gather with 1/2" stitches, no hem. Pull tightly & tack to hold. Then with all 6 strands of brown embroidery floss, make french knots randomly all over the smooth side of the yoyo. Now you can make it into a magnet or a pin.

Here's a poem I attempted to go along with the cookie: (poets - feel free to tweak away!) -
Betcha you're saying,
"Oh lookie! -
It's a chocolate chip cookie!"
But if you turn it over,
You'll see it's a (magnet, pin)
for a chocolate lover!
(C) Jazbo 0506


[> Re: New pattern! Wool chocolate chip cookie
-- Huskerfan, 12:30:31 05/11/06 Thu [1]

it is a very good idea and the best thing is the poem to go with it. I for one am copying it and saving it. I love chocolate. Thanks

[> Re: New pattern! Wool chocolate chip cookie
-- lovestodream, 12:53:16 05/11/06 Thu [1]

Very cute idea like to see one made. Can you please post one when your done making one.
hugs lovestodream

[> Re: New pattern! Wool chocolate chip cookie
-- j, 14:29:59 05/14/06 Sun [1]

I would love to post a pic but do not have the digital stuff to do it. Sorry.

For a presentation idea: I took a circle of tulle that I got at the $tore, put the cc cookie pin in the middle, but flat on it's side, then gathered the tulle around it, tying it together at the top, with dark brown satin ribbon. Printed off the poem with brown ink & punched a hole in it so I could tie it on with the ribbon.

Changed the poem just a hair, too. Removed the 'cha' from 'bet'.
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