Directions for Wandas Snowman bag holder

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Directions for Wandas Snowman bag holder

Postby Caboobie » Sat Nov 05, 2005 11:06 pm

Snowman Bagholder pattern

Date Posted: 11:44:16 10/25/05 Tue
Author: Wanda
Subject: Snowman Bagholder Pattern ~ Still haven't received yet ,than LOOK HERE !!

Frosty Snowman Bag holder (with variations)
Material’s List:
Blanket Fleece (white or Ivory)…… 2 pieces 15 x 30 “
6” piece of Tubular ribbing for hat or I use the ribbing on a re-cycled sweater, 2 pieces 6”x6 ½”
Scrap of orange cotton fabric for the nose
4 ½ “x 28 “strip of plaid fabric or a re-cycled scarf cut to size
All-purpose thread ….. Ecru and orange
Carpet thread or 6 strand embroidery floss ….ecru and to match the hat
Long hand sewing needle
6 “length of ¼” wide elastic
2 black buttons for eyes
3 buttons (match color to hat) for down the front
Polyester Fiberfill
Materials (continued):
Blush or Stencil crème (for cheeks)
Hot glue
Large empty pop bottle (for centerpiece)
Towel Ring (for the Guest Towel Holder)
Knit remnants for the mittens (optional)
White felt (for the Angels wings, which are Blanket stitched together)
¾ “plastic ring for Bag holder (to hang)
Trace pattern onto folded tracing paper; mark position of bottom opening.
Upper Body: Fold a 15 x 30” pc of blanket fleece in half to form a 15” square .Center pattern on top and trace around it with a disappearing ink marker or lightly with a pencil.
Sew the 2 layers together on Traced Line, leaving bottom open. Cut out, adding a ¼” seam allowance. Turn right side out. Stuff firmly (I always try to get extra stuffing in the cheek area). Turn in raw edges and hand stitch opening closed.
Face: Mark position you want for the eyes; I tend to go about ½ the way up the face and tend to keep the eyes fairly close to each other. Using a double strand of Carpet thread or 6 strand embroidery floss, your long needle, entering and exiting at back of head. Knots will be hidden by hat and scarf. I pull my thread quite snug when I attach the eyes, to create a “dimple “for them to settle down into. Using white paint and the ball end of a straight pin, I dot a small circle onto the upper right sides of the eyes.
Nose: Cut 1 nose from orange fabric, and with right sides together, fold nose in half lengthwise. Sew long seam using ¼” seam. Trim excess from point of nose turn right side out (I find tweezers helpful here) and stuff firmly. Gather the open end and sew tightly closed .Now I mark the area I want the nose, and cut a SMALL vertical slit in the face; using an awl or small screwdriver, I push some of the stuffing aside in face, drop a bit of hot glue in the opening and push nose in ( making sure nose seam is underside :o) }.Lightly color cheeks with Blush or Stencil crème. Now I embroider a cute smile on with 3 strands of black embroidery floss.

Lower Body: Fold the remaining 15 x 30” pc of fleece in half, short sides together. Sew this seam close, leaving a 6” opening in center area.
Finger press seam open and topstitch both sides and top and bottom of the 6” opening (as if it were a giant buttonhole). To form the casing for your elastic, turn under a ½” hem and sew close to edge leaving a small opening to insert elastic, stitch ends together and sew casing close. With center back seam centered, lay the body flat and cut a 2” vertical slit in side area where the arms will come thru. Using the carpet thread, hand-sew a running stitch around the top opening. Insert upper body into lower body, pull arms out thru slits. Gather neck thread tightly, and tie off. Adjust gathers evenly around neck, and be sure your center back seam is centered. I use a drop of hot glue on my finishing knot for extra stability. Turn edges in along arm slit and neatly hand stitch to arms. Sew or hot glue buttons down front of body.
Hat and Scarf: If using the tubular ribbing for the hat, turn wrong side out, gather near top edge, pull tightly, and tie off. Turn right side out. If using the re-cycled sweater, cut 2 pcs. 6x 6 1/2” from the bottom ribbed area, sew side seams. Hand gather top and tie off. Turn right side out. Lightly stuff hat, place on Snowman and turn up cuff. Hot glue hat in place, and spot glue cuff in place as well.
For Scarf: if using plaid fabric, fringe short ends to desired length. Sometimes I use a fancy Upholstery fabric and sew on a purchased fringe. Turn under ¼” seams on long edges and stitch for a more finished appearance. Tie scarf on Snowman loosely, and again spot glue in several places.
Hand-sew with a matching embroidery floss, the plastic ring to back of hat, centered just above the scarf edge. Your Snowman is now ready to hang.
To turn into a Centerpiece: Cut a 6 ¼” diameter circle from fleece, and instead of making the casing for the elastic, I gather the bottom and stitch this to the circle. A large pop bottle filled with sand, kitty litter, aquarium gravel or whatever you choose is your weight. I leave the bottom edge of the Upper body open and hot glue it down onto the pop bottle. Insert this into the lower body, add fiberfill to desired plumpness. Finish lower body as you did the Bag holder.
Guest Towel Holder: I simply insert a clear or bone colored towel ring or round purse handle into the bottom of the upper body before closing the opening.
I’m also enclosing the Wing pattern and Star to make him into a Snow Angel (the wing is 2 pieces of felt, blanket stitched together, and the star I cut from Balsa wood.)The mitten pattern I cut from scraps of knit fabric to make the mittens on a jute rope he can hold along with a sign “Mittens 4 Sale “.
Hope you will enjoy this pattern. Any questions / suggestions please contact me at:

the mitten must be resized to 3.5 x 3.5

Hope this will be of some help to you ;

warm hugs,

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Directions also on Picture board under Wandas crafts
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